Neighbour From Hell

Like the supermarket trolleys lining the ditches of slip roads into concrete junglesOr Audis and BMWs scattered down mountainsides of the Scottish HighlandsKarma for the presumptuousness of personal satisfactionAnd over-confidence in oneself All roads lead to pain and ruinAnd a flat tyre along the wayEven if you're driving a ten-year-old SkodaLiving a perfect, modest moral … Continue reading Neighbour From Hell

The Dreadful Accounting

That's thirteen, Fourteen, Fifteen hours… And Twenty-four minutes, Thanks! Goodnight πŸ™‚, Sir… Sir! Yes? Sorry, you're err... You're one hour and fourteen minutes short… Oh, really? Shiβ€” Sorry, Um, I don't actually have any more time left, It's getting late… Bodyguard creeps closer in the corner of my eye, Well, sir, I won't be able … Continue reading The Dreadful Accounting