Just Right OCD Is Not Right At All

OCDing all over the place,Calm down, man,It's all misplaced, Is my earphone secure?Is my zip done up?Not only that,But have I checked it correctly? Ahhh,I heard a sound,I saw a thing,In the moment of checking,Its veracity, Now it's not correct,I need to check it again,Even in public,And did somebody see me? I opened a browser … Continue reading Just Right OCD Is Not Right At All

Mental Rubik’s Cube

Gosh,When I think of the anxiety,Which has begun many days,The numerous structure-related worriesβ€” "Damn, I didn't get to sleep early enough because of…","I didn't hear my alarm because of wearing the ear plugs","I've already woken up too late now","I'm already demotivated","Now I've already laid in bed for too long, and I'll never get that time … Continue reading Mental Rubik’s Cube