Toilet Headlines

Leading toilet paper manufacturers have criticised the UK government for not doing enough to stir up 'toilet paper panic' amongst the public, following reports that packets of premium toilet roll still remain on shelves in some supermarkets. The government has responded by imposing indefinite national lockdown from next Thursday onwards. You couldn't make it up! … Continue reading Toilet Headlines

Like There’s No Tomorrow, When There Perfectly Is

Yesterday was traumatising,For noise outside my window, I slowly awoke, and lay in fear,At footsteps clip-clopping,Car doors slamming,And engines revving like there's no tomorrow; Turns out,That expression was perfectly-apt,For I waited until late at night,Before going to the supermarket… And what did I find?Lots of shelves suddenly looking sparse!Lots of staff frantically working fastβ€” Oh,I … Continue reading Like There’s No Tomorrow, When There Perfectly Is