Opportunities For Vaccination

It's the moment you've all been waiting for,The culmination of the global vaccination war, The pathway before us is paved with the dead,Wake up, get movingโ€ฆto pay off our debts! Put down your guns,Pick up the needles,Relinquish your power,To the governmenthuman-harvestingmachine!! I've never been so full of life before,As my veins are pumped through with … Continue reading Opportunities For Vaccination

5G Fruitcake Stall

Oh the irony!5G back in the news again,5G equipment to be removed from UK network,Over privacy concerns with Huawei; This is just the start!You'll see!It's all fitting the theory perfectly! The coronavirus outbreak, caused by 5G signals,Just so happened to begin in China,Where Huawei is based! And now the government is banning Huawei 5Gโ€ฆIt's done … Continue reading 5G Fruitcake Stall

Emergency Measures

"Cuire du flapjack et mettre le dans la boรฎte dans ma chambre!!!"(Cook some flapjack and put it in the tin in my bedroom); As I added this into my todo list,I had a small smile of great satisfactionโ€”I love finding these little tricks,Which increase my self-sufficiency within this bubble of safety; Having the ability to … Continue reading Emergency Measures