F**k Off, Bones!

As he unearthed from the dirt, bones of a human skeleton,While crouched under the trees in the middle of the night, He questioned himself,What had he done!? Now this terrible dilemma,To confess or to cover upβ€” The first would mean admitting to trespassing,In the garden of a house he should not have been, The second, … Continue reading F**k Off, Bones!

Morning Sickness

I need to produce a masterpiece,To 'make up' for all of the struggles,And lost times :P, No not really,But I need to write something nice, now; β€”I woke up from extended nightmares,About undiscovered parking tickets,And criticism from my dad, Having to ask for money,And defend myself again, Whilst protecting myself,From worsening rumination; I screamed, repeatedly,β€”Whilst … Continue reading Morning Sickness