Technical Service Bulletin: NON-OFFICIAL

Please be aware that in order to ensure compliance with the upcoming 5G switch-on, All carriers are advised to immediately switch over to the alternate frequency band for aircraft radio altimetry. β€œThe presence of 5G C-band interference can result in degraded deceleration performance, increased landing distance and runway excursion” β€œThe presence of radio altimetry C-band … Continue reading Technical Service Bulletin: NON-OFFICIAL

Dealing With Thoughts Of Defeatedness

Too much pain,Too much suffering,Too much loss,Creeping feelings of abject apathy and meaninglessness; I need to take a breakβ€”Back to action,Helping others where I can,Whilst giving myself what I need,Everything with the best intentions and thoughtfulness,That's all I can do,And it's enough; Anything else is self-defeating. Enjoy this photo of this strange-looking plant I was … Continue reading Dealing With Thoughts Of Defeatedness

Cassa Got The Caterpillars!

Cassa (Chinese money plant 😱) got the caterpillars! A few months ago I bought an insect net/velcro kit as a preventative measure to stop insects coming into my room, since that's always been incredibly annoying in summer but now with the plants it was an extra-good idea. I didn't get around to it until today, … Continue reading Cassa Got The Caterpillars!

Harry’s Not A Baby And Margarita Chopped Up πŸ˜±

Harry's not a baby, but a rhizome!! I dug up Snape, planning to repot the 'baby' Harry snake plant into a new pot, but discovered that Harry's just one of many rhizomes of the main plant. So, I'm not a grandplantrent after all!! …Or am I? Margarita got a disease and had to be chopped … Continue reading Harry’s Not A Baby And Margarita Chopped Up πŸ˜±

Dad I Think It’s The End Times

It's the twenty-first century and humanity's gone batshit crazy,There's a viral epidemic becoming unstoppably endemic, wE NeEd tO Be cLeAr tHeRe iS No mEaT iN ThE vAcCinE,wE NeEd tO Be cLeAr tHeRe iS No mEaT iN ThE vAcCinE, An irreversible infection,For which there's no known vaccination, TheRe Is nO MeAt In tHe vAcCiNe,tHeRe iS No … Continue reading Dad I Think It’s The End Times

January US Senate Race Explained

I've become quite knowledgeable on this over the last several days, so just wanted to try to explain in a clear way about this outstanding Senate race in the US, because it's significant for the rest of the world too as was the election overall. Another quirky aspect of this US election is that the … Continue reading January US Senate Race Explained

Toilet Paper Detected On Venus

Astronomers have confirmed the detection of signs of toilet paper in the atmosphere of Venus. "Venus has a very dense, hot atmosphere but we know that at high altitudes of 50 kilometers or so the temperature and pressure are both pretty Earth-like. Toilet paper could stay aloft indefinitely in Venus' clouds". Scientists pointed out that … Continue reading Toilet Paper Detected On Venus

Pigs, Silicon Implants And Technology CEOs

Today…We're very excited to announce our revolutionary first product! *whooping**cheering* I think you guys are gonna love it,It's kind of like…It's kind of like a Fitbit in your skull, And… we actually have a working product,Which we are going to demonstrate to you today! *whooping**cheering* It actually fits quite nicely in your skull…Although I decided … Continue reading Pigs, Silicon Implants And Technology CEOs