Robin’s Request

Ok,Here's what would suit me,I'm going to say it outright,Because it's about timeβ€” A world of rigidity,Does not suit me, Regular hours,And corporate greed,Peak productivity,β€”All for dollars... Working for a paycheck,Aiming for promotion,Working in the abstract,Whilst Twitter I check; No,Thanks; And this is no idle feeling,I am incapable,Of doing those things; I was born into … Continue reading Robin’s Request

Royal Health Awareness

It must've been terrible,Being Prince Harry, It must be awful,Being in the Royal Family; I can all-too-easily imagine,The intensity of his boredom,The frustration at restrictions,The constant badgering; The strain has been showing,In his mental health,For a pretty long time,He was no longer glowing; Was he ever?It's treated him harshly,And I don't even care,About Royal Family … Continue reading Royal Health Awareness

Cosmic Sensations

I'm going out of my mind,And I've been doing just fine... Gotta gotta be sounds,Before I do it all... No, seriously,I remain in ambiguity,About this sensitivity,Mixed with OCD; Which is the primary factor,In this combination?Is it an abomination,Or just startle factor? I am easily startled,In some situations... In my ground-floor room,With curtains open,If anything goes … Continue reading Cosmic Sensations

Make Better Decisions

I need to make more friends,And further...To make them all at once, Because one problem I've had,Having so few,Is of being too needy,β€”Of that I was well aware; You see,Often I over-worry,About what other people feel,Or infer too much about situations,β€”That has been confirmed, Yet,If I tell myself not to over-worry,I still get it wrong,β€”Those … Continue reading Make Better Decisions

The Weird Downside Of Feeling Better

Why do I keep staying up so late,And sabotaging myself, Even when I've got things done,And there's nothing in my way? I'll be honest,A lot of times,It's been because I've felt too good; I've always felt my best in evenings––The most relaxed,Energised,Curious, And since evening always comes after daytime,Then the combination,Of positive activity,And medication,Especially lately,β€”Can … Continue reading The Weird Downside Of Feeling Better

Burning To Be Expressed

Well,I've let myself down again,I'm still awake due to...Previous lack of action, But also anxiety,About this afternoon's consternation,–– Having to leave Green Health,Due to frustrations with expression; And now I'm wide awake,For a different reason,–– A long text message sent,Trying to give some lesson; But that's the problem!There's the danger with clipped conversations,It is all … Continue reading Burning To Be Expressed

Goodbye Breathing!

Thoughts of breathing,Are on the wane,β€”So is re-typing,When writing poems; But seriously...Goodbye breathing,Good f***ing bye,And I hope you have a nice life! β€”For thinking about breathing,β€”For manually breathing,β€”For punctuating every single thing,With breathing,Is a nightmare that does not bear thinking; So queue the end-sequence,Play your music,Roll the credits,And let's not go back πŸ€žπŸ™ƒ. πŸŒͺ

I Just Need A Conversation

Is it too much to ask?To be able to chat,For more than 1 minute,If even that... Before broken off abruptly,β€”By a person burst in urgently,Somebody answering a phone call,"I'm sorry, please just bear with me!", That call will end,And a new one begin,Or just when you get back to flowing,There starts some background hammering; Great!I've … Continue reading I Just Need A Conversation

Car Life

I find my thoughts returning,Sometimes,To that long, eventful journey,–– Those seven months of car life,Of 2019; I’ve mentioned it a few times,But it’s only right––It really defined the year,And birthed some of my ideas; I find it sad how,When OCD swallows me whole,Or lost in rumination...–– I can still manage to lose,Even now,All feeling of … Continue reading Car Life