Problem-Solving The Drain With Metacognition

I unblocked the drain! That's one of the issues fixed. I said I'd fixed it before but only temporarily it turned out. Running the new washing machine seemed to have blocked it up completely. When at the supermarket looking for more vinegar I came across 'drain cleaner'. See this is how my brain works. I … Continue reading Problem-Solving The Drain With Metacognition

One Of The Pillars Of Neurodiversity

I've found this to be one of the greatest differences that exists between individual humans, along with built-in levels of empathy. Turns out with exercise, people fall along a whole spectrum from those who experience nirvana through exercise, and those who feel better without it. My youngest brother is an example of the second who's … Continue reading One Of The Pillars Of Neurodiversity

MySQL Brain

My brain is a relational database,It stores information via common attributes,Enabling reverse look-ups between pieces of information which weren't necessarily causally-related,But related through things likeβ€”Similar-sounding words,Similar emotions experienced whilst exposed to concepts or information,Similar physical environments,In fact the connecting feelings/intuitions (search queries) can be very wide-ranging; It's not great for purposeful, systematic enumeration and recall … Continue reading MySQL Brain

Reconciling With Chaos

This is the way I'll have to live,β€”With sometimes big disparities,Between when I aim to plan to do things,And actually properly doing them; And it's not through lack of getting startedβ€”Sometimes I begin a thing,Then find myself, two hours later,Resuming from a sidetrack; Which is exactly what I'm doing right now,I hasten to add,And I've … Continue reading Reconciling With Chaos

…Absence Of Sounds

Do you know what's been most striking to me,Over the last several hours? Relative silence...And a vast absence...of such disturbing noises!Also smells, And do you know what this has helped me with?β€”Anxiety and rumination; And this feeling so reminds me, and takes me back,To that such productive time, β€”The peace which existed from just before … Continue reading …Absence Of Sounds

ADHD Medication

ADHD medication,Totally helped, And now that I'm off it,I'm really missing it! Getting stuff done,Like going to the shops,β€”Stuff that I need to do,Just isn't that satisfying,Anymore, lol; It's much better,To procrastinate,And write poems instead,I.e.,To do something meaningful,That actually makes me feel good; It's funny, then,To be in this situation,Which, presumably,Was how I lived my … Continue reading ADHD Medication

Short-Term Memory

Life-long anxieties,With executive function issues; "Just make sure you're not late,To this very important appointment,β€”And when is,Your next appointment?", "I don't know, I can't remember", "How are you going to manage to make it,Then,To your important appointment?", "It's in my calendar!"; "Oh yeah,I've already got that booked actually", "Great,Do you know where it is?", "No, … Continue reading Short-Term Memory

Headphones πŸŽ§πŸ’™

Oh, god,When Headphones are charging, I appreciate anew,Just what they give me; Exposed once again,To sporadic sounds of slamming,Roaring of cars,And footsteps of brachiosaurs; What an onslaught!And just as I write...The most annoying whistling...Just walked on by πŸ˜†; I love the headphones,They are so effective,I'd be nothing without them,They've really been helping; I feel so … Continue reading Headphones πŸŽ§πŸ’™