"Ohh we've got flatsWe'll get him in one!" Did you mention it has to be ground floor? "I'll let them know", Offered a viewing'Ground floor' flatLooked it up on streetviewEntryway all full of stepsLooked to my rightMetres awayThe busy dual carriageway πŸ˜‚, Nope, sorry,I'm too disabled for that; "You've got your viewing today!Are you excited?", … Continue reading Unhouseable


Spiralling downwards towards the dark abyss,The overthink alarm was chirping in my cockpit: Too low, terrain,Pull up, pull up,Too low,Sink rate,Sink rate,Overthink,Pull up!! I called in a mayday,And do you know what they said? There's ah a runway available hundreds of miles away,With an ocean and ah a storm in-between,Outside of your uh…fuel limit,And you'll … Continue reading Roger

Bittersweet Reminders

It's really crazy,How many unmet needs I have right now,There are so many factors,Crushing down my mood, Crushing my mood,And boosting OCD,For it's impossible to put into words,How much it all matters; I feel very keenly,The contribution of daylight,And feel very keenly,The satisfaction from cooking,It's the same with exercising,And daily achievements,Healthy eating,And regular routines; It's … Continue reading Bittersweet Reminders

Unparalleled Universes

I've forgotten what it's like,To write about what I want to write about,To let my mind wander,And turn it into stories; But I'm getting hints of the feelings I had,Even if briefly,And I just know it…Will all come flooding back and more; There are whole universes of creation,Bursting at the seams,Untold histories and unseen wonders,Dying … Continue reading Unparalleled Universes

Hints Of Lost Feelings

Brief moments, when,I'm feeling a hint of that feeling,Which allowed me to write beautifully,To write optimistically and creatively, Or to play musical instruments happily,Fingers plucking guitar strings,Dancing over the fretboard,Intuitively, knowingly, Or to play favourite songs on piano,And sing along, in harmony,Freedom to practice,Freedom to perfect,Freedom to explore,A heart feeling free and not chained to … Continue reading Hints Of Lost Feelings