Have You Reached The Bottom Yet?

It's all coming crumbling downAs it predictably always doesWhen narcissists and liars run out of roadHaving deceived and persuaded for so longThey've grown ever-more confidentThe excuses and explanations ever-more brazenNothing about it entertainingAnd you just wonder, how can they not predict itObserve others like themselves meeting their end gamesWelcome to cognitive dissonanceLack of self-accountabilityTotally detached, … Continue reading Have You Reached The Bottom Yet?

Escape Is Possible

We are nearly there,And she's being so brave and strong,Finding strength beyond her own expectation; The plan has been ethereal,Shifting, changing, going in and out of focus,But…the one constant remainsβ€”Her determination to leave; She's digging really deep as obstacles arise,As the situation becomes more urgent,But she has strength to match,It's an honour to witness. πŸŒͺ

Narcissists In Action

When one commentator's a narcissist,And they perceive everything as criticisms,You get constant and unnecessary bickering,And arguing eternally in circles, It's really quite awkward and painful to listen to,The desperate clutching at straws,The comebacks, the put-downs, the conjured indignation,All totally unprovoked! πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ πŸŒͺ