Still Very Much Alive

The country is not ruinedDemocracy is not deadEven though it's not as representative as it could beBecause they are not all the sameAnd people do go into politics to make a positive differenceIt's just a matter of voting for themIncluding (or especially) the ones who stand for electoral reform; What does defeat a countryAnd kill … Continue reading Still Very Much Alive

My Answer To A Philosophical Question Of Existence

I'm trying to remember to avoid writing essays in peoples' comments sections and turn them into posts instead :). This post is just my personal philosophy and own conclusions to such philosophical questions. If we really take it to heart that anything can happen at any timeβ€”and this is true, no one can deny thisβ€”why … Continue reading My Answer To A Philosophical Question Of Existence

Barry The Intern

Wakey wakey, sleepin' beauty!He's having another fucking break!I reckon you've used up all your holiday allowance by now!Send us a postcard from Ibiza, won't ya? Are you a mechanic or a fucking Marine!?If you go any slower, your tea might go fucking cold!Pass us the left-handed spanner-straightener will ya son?Get out of bed you fackin' … Continue reading Barry The Intern

Mental Rubik’s Cube

Gosh,When I think of the anxiety,Which has begun many days,The numerous structure-related worriesβ€” "Damn, I didn't get to sleep early enough because of…","I didn't hear my alarm because of wearing the ear plugs","I've already woken up too late now","I'm already demotivated","Now I've already laid in bed for too long, and I'll never get that time … Continue reading Mental Rubik’s Cube

Breaking The Vicious Cycle

Vast swathes of anxious time,Before coming back to life,All over again, Get the basics done,Now I can focus,The rest of the day is good,But suddenly it's morning again, Urgghhh,Need to do those basic things all over again,They used to be such a hell because of OCD, anxiety and dissociation,But lately they've been better, But with … Continue reading Breaking The Vicious Cycle

I Don’t Care

To be totally honest,I couldn't care less about it, β€”PIP applications,And appeasing Universal Credit, It's been two years of this shit,And I'm sick of it, I've been on Universal Credit,In three different places,I've done a PIP application,In two different places, I've had the police phoned on me several times,By estranged family members, It's all so … Continue reading I Don’t Care

Doing My Best, What Can I Say?

I need help with this stuff,I just mess up, By the time my sleeping was sorted out,Things were messed up, And it's really hard to motivate myself, sometimes,After two years of this stuff, To do the things which are difficult,Bureaucratic and boring; And the last few days,Have been so slow and un-useful, Delaying the boring … Continue reading Doing My Best, What Can I Say?