I'm going to diagnose myself with something else,I think I have SUPβ€” Seasonal Uplift Phenomenon,It's the opposite of Seasonal Affective Disorder; And SAD lamps are the worst-named devices in history,I suggest they be called SUP lamps instead,A hat and scarf for the seasonally-challenged; The Summer is almost worth it for the feeling of pure joy … Continue reading SUP

Serotonin Sensitivity!

Yesterday my Salvation Army support person turned up with three presents from a nearby school. I assumed they were boxes of chocolate and was considering just adding them to the donations pile at Tesco because of the fact I'm really sensitive to changing my diet at the moment and wary of anything upsetting the delicate … Continue reading Serotonin Sensitivity!

Bittersweet Reminders

It's really crazy,How many unmet needs I have right now,There are so many factors,Crushing down my mood, Crushing my mood,And boosting OCD,For it's impossible to put into words,How much it all matters; I feel very keenly,The contribution of daylight,And feel very keenly,The satisfaction from cooking,It's the same with exercising,And daily achievements,Healthy eating,And regular routines; It's … Continue reading Bittersweet Reminders

Post-Korma Bliss

"New study reveals eating curry can boost your mood", You don't say!I love eating curries,Especially in the mornings when I'm at my lowest, And I've been purposefully using more turmeric this year,And it does seem to help, too,In addition to the kick from the spice; Perhaps I should explore making more spiced foods,For a nutritious … Continue reading Post-Korma Bliss

Complementing Conscious Calm

Here's another fundamental truth, for me,And one which I now feel I can do something about, again, β€”An initial, immediate dopamine boost from exercise in the mornings,Or anything,Is crucial for me to avoid sinking into negative over-thinking! It really is,And was the reason behind exercising in the mornings for so long,Even for all of those … Continue reading Complementing Conscious Calm