Confidently Incorrect

Confidently incorrectWhyAre youConfidently incorrect I'm telling youMy rent account is +Β£157Your own screenshot is telling me thisStop looking at my deposit accountAnd refund me from the rent account πŸ˜† Confidently incorrectHow do I deal with oneWho isConfidently incorrect You're just asserting the same thingOver and over againBut you're not doing the calculationsRe-evaluating your beliefs You … Continue reading Confidently Incorrect

Only A Small Exaggeration/Sportswashing

Just a hypothetical, imagined scenario based on real-life pandering and apologising for sportswashing and ridiculous decisions… Is it ever possible to clearly define sportswashing? Which countries should be endorsed with sporting events and which not? You could probably discuss a lot of arguments on that but nevertheless I think this particular scenario clearly helps to … Continue reading Only A Small Exaggeration/Sportswashing

Setbacks And Isolation

I haven't hurt this much in a while. Isolation,Makes setbacks so tough,I lost so much time, last year,Not being able to express myself, And I'm struggling, now,To find an opportunity to do so,Because my day has started,Very stressfully and angrily; It's taken a few days,To get money sorted out,Dependent, as I am,On money from my … Continue reading Setbacks And Isolation


I sometimes feel the stress,From having to rely,On this steady stream of money,Coming from my parents; I hate the lack of independence,But that's what happens, through bad health,β€”It's just that,There's always the risk,They may cut off the flow without warning; For they've done that before,And that's what they're like,β€”Always a drastic action,With no warning at … Continue reading Stress