Momentum For Change

I still can't breathe,I still can't breathe,And I won't breathe,Until the weight has been lifted, Not just for George Floyd,Or for other black Americans,But for all victims of authority and injustice,Of which there are too many, It is always there,And I feel terrible for each example; Yes, some hit closer to home than others,But the … Continue reading Momentum For Change

Breaking The Vicious Cycle

Vast swathes of anxious time,Before coming back to life,All over again, Get the basics done,Now I can focus,The rest of the day is good,But suddenly it's morning again, Urgghhh,Need to do those basic things all over again,They used to be such a hell because of OCD, anxiety and dissociation,But lately they've been better, But with … Continue reading Breaking The Vicious Cycle