I'm not anti-vax,Vaccines don't stop transmission;I am misinformed. Here's the real problem which gets missed with the focus on anti-vaxxers or non-anti-vaxxers: misinformation and lack of education. People who consider themselves as anti-vaxxers or are considered as anti-vaxxers are the most extreme and specific of examples. As I said before, the concept of an 'anti-vaxxer' … Continue reading Misinformed

Sticks And Groans

Petition calling for end to scarecrow cruelty signed by one million scarecrows in just two days,As millions of strawmen set to be burned worldwide,Amidst misinformation, confusion and twitter wars during virus pandemic; We interviewed a bird table, who told usβ€”"To be honest (and I may be full of shit),But I'm of the opinion that we … Continue reading Sticks And Groans

An Historical Facepalm

Should I be doing my bit?To chart these events during this pandemic? Are we living through an historically-significant periodΒΉ,One which will be thoroughly scrutinised for the everyday truths? Honestly,There's not much there that I'd care to record,For 90% of what goes on is strawman-building,Strawman-burning,Emotion-inducing,Shit-stirring opprobrium,By the media no less; About 9%Β² is the drama of … Continue reading An Historical Facepalm


Misinformation,You've made me angry, For you, apparently,Spread so easily; I've had an indoctrination,Amidst this outbreak,Into just how sneakily sneakily,You insert your errors; I usually manage to avoid you,But lately, on occasion,You've convinced your hosts to replicate you,And pass you onto me; Fortunately, though,My immune system is a beast,An immune system built on a physics education,And … Continue reading Misinformation