Not The Right Type Of Vulnerable

Are you suffering physical abuse?No Are you suffering sexual abuse?No Do you have problems with drugs or addiction?No Then I'm afraid we can't help you. The fuck? PTSD,Emotional abuse,Invisible physical disabilities,Suicidal thoughts,Self-harm,Autism,OCD, All examples of things which don't make you the right type of vulnerable. It's ok, though,Because there are private rented accommodations,However being in … Continue reading Not The Right Type Of Vulnerable

Not Alone 😏

The history of autism is tragic,Full of many stories of struggle and misunderstanding,(At all levels), And many stories of struggling to get access to services,Diagnostic criteria expanded in order to make these services available to the people who needed them but were denied time and again by the rigid criteria and centralised bureaucracy of modern … Continue reading Not Alone 😏