We Won Get Over It

Trying to work it outHow, why, whatWhereforeThe fuck have I ended up hereAnd where to go nowWhich way is NorthTrying to work it the fuck out? Laughable; The compass needle is spinningYet the direction is obviousLook to the skyDon't need all those fancy constructed toolsFollow the light; We won,Get over it πŸ˜‚. We weren't even … Continue reading We Won Get Over It

Say Please

Fuck you I can no longer make that runway!I’m going to have to ditch!! RS 1987, please don't be rudeβ€” Alert the coastguard!! …Say please, RS 1987, Please alert the goddamn-motherfucking-coastguard now!!!ARRRRrggggghhhhhh!!!!!!!!!Over and oβ€” ……… …M-my god,I'm s-so glad to see you…th-thank you, thank you!! …What is your name? My name………Is Robin Smith. CAPTAIN ROBIN … Continue reading Say Please

Deadstick Landing

I can literally see a runway off to my right! Ok, stand by for vector…Turn left heading two-niner-zero, maintain flight level one-hundred, And free to use any runway, yeah? … How many souls on board? Just one…me,I repeat this is a Mayday! Negative RS 1987, maintain holding pattern,All runways are currently occupied, But I have … Continue reading Deadstick Landing

Base Gravy

No fast track to life,One must first make the base gravy,A recipe old as time; Onion,Garlic,Tomato, ginger,And spice, Not only that,The base is customised; The aroma of one's own base gravy is encouraging; No fast track from start to finish, rather,Base gravy must be simmered slowly,Upon which can be conceived,Many delicious possibilities πŸ˜‹. (I'm not … Continue reading Base Gravy

Mysterious Metaphors

Imagine reading poems literally,With the metaphors constructing scenes,Concrete and usually totally absurd,In the mind; Perhaps metaphors are part of the original definition of what poems are,β€”As I've never heard nor seen a definition,I'm just guessing,But I've always wondered; Honestly, at some point,I thought it was just text arbitrarily broken up with commas,Maybe with some rhyming;There's … Continue reading Mysterious Metaphors