Another Solution

The solutions which keep me going,Amidst an environment which makes no sense,And people whom defy explanation, Are a reflection of some amount of fortune for which I am glad,And my cast-iron will and indignation to make it through,Solving problems one by one,To survive and look back at this fucking place from safety. If you haven't … Continue reading Another Solution

Erasure Of Disgust

Sometimes, when I see something so disgusting,I can't stop bringing it back to mind,Nor do anything else,Until I've found the 'right' way to reconcile this with the world; In fact, now I remember writing about this on here before;Anyway, there are times in survival mode I am able to numb myself to such things,Other times … Continue reading Erasure Of Disgust

Die, die, die to death!

Die, die, die to death!Die, die, die to death! Get up, smell the kaffe!ΒΉ Sweep the kitchen floor,Sweep the worktops,Push the crap aside,Wipe the worktops and sink,Push the plug back in, Sweep the bathroom floor,Pick the hairs out of the broom, Daily maintenance is done! Mop the kitchen floor,Mop the bathroom floor,Clean the sink and … Continue reading Die, die, die to death!