Bittersweet Reminders

It's really crazy,How many unmet needs I have right now,There are so many factors,Crushing down my mood, Crushing my mood,And boosting OCD,For it's impossible to put into words,How much it all matters; I feel very keenly,The contribution of daylight,And feel very keenly,The satisfaction from cooking,It's the same with exercising,And daily achievements,Healthy eating,And regular routines; It's … Continue reading Bittersweet Reminders

Sounds In The Night

It's alright,It's the middle of the night,I don't need those earphones,I can use the looser ones! It's the middle of the night,And it's oh-so-silent,I don't need much sound insulation,I'll be alriβ€” mmmMWWWEEEHRRRN mmwWWEERRHHHRNRN GRGRHGHHH RHGRR GRGGHH GHHhHhRRRrrhhhhhhh FUCK SHIT BOLLOCKS,β€”Oh,Maybe not, then,Jumped right out of my skin! Good thing was that the other day, on … Continue reading Sounds In The Night

The Fortress At Skull’s Gap

They said that this fortress was impenetrable,They implied that nothing could bring down its grand walls,Built with multiple layers of redundancy,And constructed in its minutest detail by the finest bricklayers and craftsmen, "There is no danger that this fortress will be breached. The fortress is unbreachable and nothing but inconvenience will be suffered by its … Continue reading The Fortress At Skull’s Gap

Mental Rubik’s Cube

Gosh,When I think of the anxiety,Which has begun many days,The numerous structure-related worriesβ€” "Damn, I didn't get to sleep early enough because of…","I didn't hear my alarm because of wearing the ear plugs","I've already woken up too late now","I'm already demotivated","Now I've already laid in bed for too long, and I'll never get that time … Continue reading Mental Rubik’s Cube

Urge For Control

This urge for control,Of how my time is used,Of maximising opportunities for things,Is really quite funny and absurd; It was rightly pointed out,As a surprising quirk,Given my propensity for rationality and intuition,With all matters significant; But, it can be broken,Through patience and practise,If I can free myself from that urge for control of that one … Continue reading Urge For Control