The Night When Everything Happened

After finally managing to be more functional I went to the supermarket late at night. I'm always wary going to this one at this time since they have a policy of closing the manned checkouts and leaving only the self-checkouts open, with one person supervising them. A bunch of people turn up to the supermarket … Continue reading The Night When Everything Happened

Sertraline Sensitivity

Okβ€”Regular and precise dosage time,Never changing from the optimum breakfast,Those are my strict requirements,For making use of antidepressants,And to avoid missed-dose syndrome,Which, for me,Sets in so rapidly (just 2 hours over 24 hours); The battle with OCD cannot be won,When the medication is so on-and-off,Medication withdrawals trump everything,But…when it's working,When I've eaten for breakfast the … Continue reading Sertraline Sensitivity


I am pure existence,Merely slogging through an interstitionary phase,Extended and extended, as it's been,Through combinations of circumstances, Antidepressants help to keep me going,Stop me from going crazy,And allow me to do at least some things,Such as this,But it's a surreal time; The dosage will need increasing again,Once this one loses effectiveness,Like a life-jacket with a … Continue reading Existence

Shifting Torments

It has a big effect,Missing taking the Sertraline medication,By even a few hours; It needs to be taken every 24 hours,Or the effects are felt very quickly; I struggle to take it consistently,β€”This is another side-effect of the hoops I have to jump through,To avoid the stressful housemates,And of my erratic sleeping pattern,And ever-shifting circadian … Continue reading Shifting Torments

Time For A Change, Sertraline

Sertraline,'s been getting stale,And I've been feeling so pale,My energy, once so fiercely abundant,Has been daily dissipating; Staying awake and enthused,Is a constant stream of conscious, willful decisions,β€”Of the sort you make on a winter's morning,Exerting your will and all of your effort,In your sheer determination to proceed, Which is a pretty fucked-up way to … Continue reading Time For A Change, Sertraline

Back In Sertraline

Those light-headed spells,Unsteadiness on my feet, Those were withdrawal effects,From Sertraline; β€”I did a classic Robin thing,Waited 'til it ran out,Then took my prescription out...But it wasn't for Sertraline, It was for Dermol and Epaderm,The b***ards; I'd remembered it wrong,Yet also half-right,So I got to the day,And inavoidably ran out, How are so many words,Not … Continue reading Back In Sertraline

Daytime Naps!?

Daytime naps,Are both incredibly confusing,And disorientating, β€”I am still new to the experience,With a lifetime of natural resistance; For when there's daylight, and people bustling,There's no way,I feel like sleeping; And come evening, when at my best,I feel most like doing,Which is most confusing,Since I'm such a person of the morning! But now I'm taking … Continue reading Daytime Naps!?

ADHD Medication

ADHD medication,Totally helped, And now that I'm off it,I'm really missing it! Getting stuff done,Like going to the shops,β€”Stuff that I need to do,Just isn't that satisfying,Anymore, lol; It's much better,To procrastinate,And write poems instead,I.e.,To do something meaningful,That actually makes me feel good; It's funny, then,To be in this situation,Which, presumably,Was how I lived my … Continue reading ADHD Medication