Up On The Gallows: PART 2

Could you guys make room for a third up there?That's it…shuffle along! (Can I just grab an extra stool, please? Thanks),Just plop yourself on there…that's it; Rightβ€” any last words!?Landlord, you first… I…I…n-n-need to m-m-make a phone call! And who would you like to call? The c-c-council! Ok…it's ringing and on speaker… He's growing weed! … Continue reading Up On The Gallows: PART 2

Perseverance And Ingenuity!

I had planned to write more about this as I have much more to say about it, as well as describe some similar past experiences of watching planetary landings which affected me profoundly, but I've been quite busy lately with a mixture of OCD/anxiety, various tasks around my room, reading and helping out a friend. … Continue reading Perseverance And Ingenuity!