Just Right OCD Is Not Right At All

OCDing all over the place,Calm down, man,It's all misplaced, Is my earphone secure?Is my zip done up?Not only that,But have I checked it correctly? Ahhh,I heard a sound,I saw a thing,In the moment of checking,Its veracity, Now it's not correct,I need to check it again,Even in public,And did somebody see me? I opened a browser … Continue reading Just Right OCD Is Not Right At All

Antipodal Curiosities

New Zealand is at the antipode of England,Portobello, Otago is the antipode of London, New Zealand's handling of the Coronavirus pandemic,Is equally the antipode of the UK's, And,New Zealand's leader appears to be the antipode of the UK's leader. Damn! How did we get here?Plate tectonics,But also I believe that it's byΒΉ voting for a … Continue reading Antipodal Curiosities

Where You Gunna Shit?

To all the crowds heading to the beach,Sitting in traffic cos you're starting to miss it,Common-sense and gratitude gone out the window,You know you're just a try-hard for that Darwin award; Where you gunna shit?Where you gunna shit?Where you gunna shit when you're at the beach? Where you gunna shit?Where you gunna shit?There's fuck-all open,Nary … Continue reading Where You Gunna Shit?

An Historical Facepalm

Should I be doing my bit?To chart these events during this pandemic? Are we living through an historically-significant periodΒΉ,One which will be thoroughly scrutinised for the everyday truths? Honestly,There's not much there that I'd care to record,For 90% of what goes on is strawman-building,Strawman-burning,Emotion-inducing,Shit-stirring opprobrium,By the media no less; About 9%Β² is the drama of … Continue reading An Historical Facepalm

Am I Mad?

It is an age-old question,Men have asked themselves for Millenia,(right?); And can creativity,Lead to more subsets of OCD? I've heard, at different times,Of OCD 'subsets', such asβ€” ROCD (Relationship OCD)β€”Obsessive doubts,About your relationship,Questioning everything,β€”Including your love for the other! HOCD (Homosexual OCD)β€”Obsessively worried,That you may be homosexual,Constantly doubting your sexual identity; EOCD (Existential OCD)β€”Obsessive preoccupation … Continue reading Am I Mad?