Opportunities For Replication

Replications, replications,Immune reactions,Airborne dispersion, Replications, replications,Unlimited supply,Of opportunities for replication; Environment,Genetic code,Gene expression,β€”All factors in determining how often little pieces of DNA are reproduced; The genes which just happen to give their parent organism a greater chance of reproducing,In the environment in which the organism finds itself,Are necessarily more likely to be reproduced in the … Continue reading Opportunities For Replication

Maths Teacher

My maths teacher,(Who for some reason,Hated me πŸ€”),Once tried to make fun of me... Smirking, with ice in her eyes,She saidβ€” "Ye joost yoosed a dubble neg-ah-ive!" 😏, Trying to use logic against me, "I know,β€”I meant to..."; The great irony of it wasβ€”I was not only the best-in-class at maths,(Apart from those doing further … Continue reading Maths Teacher