Everything On The Table

Man I'm really struggling. I used to be able to find some real optimism and motivation, a goal that I could focus on to take precedence over the OCD, even throughout that ordeal in the shared house. For example one of those times was learning to grow house plants, then collecting them, with the idealistic … Continue reading Everything On The Table

Closing In Again

I feel the wallsclosing inagainHuman stampedesup and downthe hallwayDisrupting me fromthe final outletThe endless universeof writing and creativityThe laststrandof proactive hopeSaving me, fromthe abyssal void of empty days without a planFor this activeproactiverestless mindThat is the truest hellThere is nothing l o n g e rthane m p t y timeWith no beginningand no e … Continue reading Closing In Again

How Easy Would A Jailbreak Be?

How can it be this scary,And difficult,To break the long monotony of this post-trauma suffering?To break the long monotony of OCD-imposed limitations?And to take the first step, to finally try reading again, Why is it so intimidating,To picture actually getting back into those things,As if to do so,Is the greatest expression of wistful feeling at … Continue reading How Easy Would A Jailbreak Be?