A Fanboi In Tears

I didn't learn, did I?I caved again,Caved to the nagging insistence to update,Having waited additional minor version numbers,Thinking I'd be safe; So downloaded the previous OS version again,Found one of my USB sticks,But when I went to create a bootable installer on that disk,To my surprise,It was already setup as an installer with exactly that … Continue reading A Fanboi In Tears

An Expensive But Valuable Lesson On Security

Yesterday I learned an embarrassingly expensive but important and valuable lessonβ€” Changing your own door lock is incredibly simple. All you need to do is replace the cylindrical lock chamber, which requires only a screwdriver. They've been designed to be effortless to change which has the effect of enhancing your security, as I found out. … Continue reading An Expensive But Valuable Lesson On Security

Anti-Vaxxers Do Not Really Exist (Here)

Some years ago…when somebody first told me about the phenomenon of 'anti-vaxxers', I was fiercely disbelieving and resistant because I had never known that to be an issue here in the UK. The whole idea was new to me. It was completely standard that you had vaccines as a child, had vaccines in school, had … Continue reading Anti-Vaxxers Do Not Really Exist (Here)

Post-Trauma Patience

When living post-trauma,And especially whilst still in a stressful environmentJust doing things, even simple things, can be incredibly difficult; You plan to do things…Then find yourself hours later, finding the energy to get up to do it,Wondering why or how you haven't done it yet,And what you even did do instead; But the truth is, … Continue reading Post-Trauma Patience

Could’ve, Should’ve

Why don't you sit down and write more?Inspiration is flowing,You just need the opportunities, I'm too busy sabotaging myself,Plus,Look out of the windowβ€” What? The shed; What about it? Ohβ€”What the hell!? As I look across to the neighbour's shed,Glowing in cruel white lighting from their security light,As I zoom in to stare at the … Continue reading Could’ve, Should’ve