Fourth Literary Dimension?

Should've,Could've,Would've…everybody, ever Yeah, yeah…Would've,Should've,Could've,…But you didn't.everybody's manager I've been searching the ether for additional possibilities to this common expression,(Because I like collections and sets),And discovered a possible fourth oneβ€” Goa'uld've (i.e. aliens have done it); Example usage: Yeah whatever mate…Should've,Could've,Would've,Goa'uld've,…But none of that is of any use to me, is it?β€”So fahck off back to … Continue reading Fourth Literary Dimension?

Goodbye, Than

Rest In Peace,The word 'than',And how much longer,Before you're officially outdated? I saw the warning signs,Early on,Back in the beginnings of the internet, I saw the warning signs,Early on,When it was still but an inconsequential blunder, But then I noticed…The gathering momentum,Usage slipped from blunder towards intention,And we'd crossed a key milestone,On the road to … Continue reading Goodbye, Than

Indignified Individuals

There are certain situations,In which we cease to become people,And we become…Individuals! Those selfish individuals!Discordant individuals!!Those individuals who're struggling with their mental health!!Individual wankers!!The lot of them!!The great anonymous, homogeneous, isotropic,Amorphous multitude of them!! Put in our place,Centre-stage in a ghastly, sweltering hodgepodge mass ofβ€”Filthy,Little…Indi-vid-yoo-ahllss! βš°οΈβš°οΈβš°οΈπŸ•ΊπŸΏπŸ•ΊπŸΏπŸ•ΊπŸΏ πŸŒͺ