Could I Sue My Landlord? πŸ€”

The landlord came round today, as they've done many times lately with housemate F moving out (they're always back and forth for a week after anybody leaves), and I happened to notice the camera notifications just after returning to my room and lying down on the bed. Firstly I was uneasy at just how close … Continue reading Could I Sue My Landlord? πŸ€”

Success: I have a court hearing date!

Since the possession claim was an 'accelerated procedure', a hearing wasn't guaranteed. The fact that I have been granted a hearing means that they considered the issues I raised to have merit. In addition to that, they're also confused who the landlord is πŸ˜‚. I'm glad I'm not the only one, as I've seen different … Continue reading Success: I have a court hearing date!

Gotta Love Lawyers (And Natural Selection yay)

I gathered all of my documents in the night,Going through the list the lawyer supplied,Collecting, categorising, stapling loose papers, printingβ€”Just short by 8 sheets…sheets which were wasted in the initial HP Smart app issue…On a ream which lasted me four and a half years; Anyway, waited till dawn and got more paper, stapled the last … Continue reading Gotta Love Lawyers (And Natural Selection yay)

Through The Gates Of Hell

When they are marched through the gates of Hell…Down into the deepest recesses of nothingness like some terminal mystery tour they didn't volunteer for,With the Earth they once knew so, so far above…so out of reach,I wonder if they'll regret it?I wonder if they'll look back over their shoulder, and thinkβ€” Damn, maybe I was … Continue reading Through The Gates Of Hell