An OCD Cycle

No OCD starting from now…Waitβ€”One last thing Right, no OCD starting from nowWait, no no,No OCD starting from NOW Damnit there was an annoying soundNow I'm itchingNow OCD starting from now… What the fuck? Shut the hell up πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Wait no that phrase reminds me of dismissive people from my past and traumatic memories… Argggh … Continue reading An OCD Cycle

Just In Case OCD

Hmmm, Just In Case OCD,Seems like it should be a type, Similar to Just Right OCD,But to me it's even more destructive,Because at least Just Right refers to something relatively tangible, in my caseβ€” Symmetry of blinking between left eye and right,Aligning some object perfectly in relation to another,Maintaining my own body's yaw angle with … Continue reading Just In Case OCD

Counting To Avoid Infinities

Is it a possible strategyβ€”Prescribing a specific number of repetitionsβ€”In order to combat Just Right OCD? I'm not talking about things which only need to be done once,But things like applying roll-on deodorant;(Hygiene OCD!?) It's funny because this works,Funny because at other times OCD prescribes exactly this counting in nonsensical scenarios,Prescribes symmetry where it is … Continue reading Counting To Avoid Infinities

When You Can’t Separate From OCD Obsessions

When you just can't forget that idea,Just can't drop it,One more time,You want to perfect it, Go and lie down,Let your brain detach from everything,Don't even try to meditate,Just do nothing and let your mind go vacant,Too exhausted to do anymore! …Then, after a while,You might realise that the obsession has faded in importance,Then jump … Continue reading When You Can’t Separate From OCD Obsessions

The Shadow Of Dread

What does somatic OCD,Combined with Just Right OCD,Mean?? It meansβ€” No, you're not supposed to tell them!Jesus Christ,You can't tell anybody!!It's our little secret slice of crazy pie! …Hahahaha!It means blowing your nose on repeat! Nooooooo!!!It hurtsss usss! It means being overly aware of the 'snottiness' or not of your nose,But, never being satisfied with … Continue reading The Shadow Of Dread

Just Right OCD Is Not Right At All

OCDing all over the place,Calm down, man,It's all misplaced, Is my earphone secure?Is my zip done up?Not only that,But have I checked it correctly? Ahhh,I heard a sound,I saw a thing,In the moment of checking,Its veracity, Now it's not correct,I need to check it again,Even in public,And did somebody see me? I opened a browser … Continue reading Just Right OCD Is Not Right At All