Surviving In Hell

I'm still in hell,Remember,Stop judging everything; If you thought that this summer,You'd finally accomplish more,You were expecting too much,Too soon; Besides,All seasons are equal,In their merits; The barriers and obstacles and difficulties,I'm already overcoming,Are immense, It's easy to forget,When you have high standards,Expectations,And optimism, Why does that have to be coupled,With so much rumination? Why … Continue reading Surviving In Hell

Ups And Downs

I need to take the same approachWith the arthritisAs with mental healthβ€” Enjoy the ups and the periods of clarityWithout judgement or guilt or rumination And when it hurts, try not to project onwardsFrom the current sensationsThis only makes it worse When I think back, I rememberRemarkable phases of ups and downs with knee painAnd … Continue reading Ups And Downs

Divide And Conquer

Divide and conquer,Is now a working strategy, It doesn't matter if you piss off half the population,If the other half will be attracted into a cult-like following,Just to be contrary,Through a belief that they know something that you don't, It's been shown to be a working model,When there's a critical mass of people who'll blindly … Continue reading Divide And Conquer

Everlasting/Dogsplosion πŸ•

I'll never understand how they can think so little of me,Knee-jerk reaction,Looking down upon me, I'm emotionally abusive,Out with nefarious intentions,But I've checked, checked and triple-checked,And I can confidently say thatβ€”No, I am not, I'm a simple person,I live to help people (and make them laugh :P),Nothing makes my life more worthwhile or more fulfilling, … Continue reading Everlasting/Dogsplosion πŸ•

Oppressive Environments

I feel fundamentally persecuted,With people around me,I don't feel safe,Not free to move around, But it is no wonder,After family experiences,And the troubles of sharing houses,With people messy and selfish; Those times I lived alone,I can't even tell you,When I wasn't so isolated, depressed and unmotivated, I was able to breathe,Relax and be me, Be … Continue reading Oppressive Environments