Life In The Horror Show

And there I satAt my wit's endAfter seven months of struggleAnd inexplicable experiences I logged back onto facebookAs my final actMade it plainJust how little of life I cared; There, I glimpsedAmongst it allAfter everything I had experiencedHaving lived on the edge for so longFacing death so many times, alone The faces of those whom … Continue reading Life In The Horror Show

Personal Thoughts

When I see Putin,Sitting at the extreme end of a long table,And read about his increasing isolationFrom the rest of his people, I can somehow relate to such obsessive tendencies,In a situation with terrible mental health,Where you're totally isolated;Obsessive behaviours get out of control,They're an in-built way of copingWhen there's no way out;It only gets … Continue reading Personal Thoughts

Hell In OCD

I've had a particular OCD compulsion which has been consuming me all year,Taking up several hours or more of each day,It's so incredibly intrusive and pernicious,To do with readiness, not being agitated by a physical discomfort, I repeat the compulsion which solves an imaginary problem, The point is that more than any other compulsion it's … Continue reading Hell In OCD

The Rules Are The Same

The rules are the same,Whether I get up early-morning or late-evening, Every moment is valid,Is a good place to start, The goals are the same,And I don't need to constantly measure myself. Chiefly, my goal right now is practising avoiding dissociation and dissociative habits (body tics, looping thoughts etc),Staying in the moment and aware,Not conscious … Continue reading The Rules Are The Same

In Deep

He has to go deep,Deep,To the centre of the Earth,Where there's a diamond,Of beauty and strength,Apparently. I'm anxiously waiting for the psychiatry company to get back to me, because I asked to make an appointment with their psychologist. I am just going to make an appointment and ask family to pay for the appointments, because … Continue reading In Deep