Transparency, Objectivity, Clarity

I'm going to sayI'm not minimising somethingWhen it's the entire point of my speech I'm going to use verbsWith cult-like associationsTo add fake authority to my words I'm going to pretendThat a different version of objective realityIs true; I don't need a translator, or education in body language, or even wisdom and experience to understand … Continue reading Transparency, Objectivity, Clarity

Trauma Dreams Again

I awoke from a dream, yesterdayβ€” My brother had smashed a fire extinguisher,Then my dad arrived on the scene; Implicit assumption, it must have been me,β€”The look on his face of sheer righteousness and disgust,As he pointed the extinguisher,And squirted it at me, as punishment; I tried to shout and to scream,To set the record … Continue reading Trauma Dreams Again

Vous Γ‰tiez

Vous Γ©tiez une lumiΓ¨re dans l'obscuritΓ©,Vous Γ©tiez contre le chaos une force de gravitΓ© ,Vous Γ©tiez un bastion d'intΓ©gritΓ© au milieu des poussiΓ¨res, Conserver votre fortitude,Et vous atteindrez la vitesse de libΓ©ration nΓ©cessaire. You were a light in the darkness,You were a force of gravity against the chaos,You were a bastion of integrity amongst the … Continue reading Vous Γ‰tiez