My Mental Health Podcasts

I really want to give credit to and share three mental health podcasts which have inspired me over the last few years (in the order in which I started listening to them!): Faster Than Normal β€” I really like its ADHD-friendly speed and length of episodes! And there can be some really funny anecdotes with … Continue reading My Mental Health Podcasts


As he rocks back in his chair in the garden,He kicks off his tartan slippers,And downs another shot of whisky, Reminiscing on those eventful days,Those distant, painful memories,With a smile of glee and satisfaction; "How did you survive house-sharing, Grandad?", "One has to dream...Dream of toilet seats that are clean,Dream of kitchens endlessly-inviting,Dream of peace, … Continue reading Dreams

Inspiration πŸ’™

It's just amazing, to me,What has happened to me, Through discovering writing,And WordPress community; I've met so many,Of the people I revere,β€”Those who live life through emotion,And are sparing with their judgement; There's some amazing people on here,Whom share their wisdom freely,Born of experiences so sincere,Yet stillβ€” write so wholly kindly; My poems, lately,Have left … Continue reading Inspiration πŸ’™