New Telescope Curse

Damn,Very sleepless, the last few days, And last Friday, the realisation,I could be making use of the backgarden,Now; For in winter,It was a cesspit of rain water,And cigarette-ends, But now the smokers have been more tidy,And the weather's been so warm and sunny, "Lockdown Britain basks in record-breaking April heatwave",(The two were precisely co-occurring!); So … Continue reading New Telescope Curse

A Scratching At Night

Rustle rustle rustle, ...Brushing at the edges of perception,At first not aware,But slowly come around,The sensation of a new sound; Rustle rustle rustle Am I going out of my mind?It's something I don't understand,Just scratching at the surface...Tickling my curiosity, β€”It's stopped,Good,Let my nerves calm down; Now where was I?Get back to reading...My hairy horror … Continue reading A Scratching At Night

Losing Signal

Lying on my bed,For a telephone call, β€”I became that guy,Who thought he was a know-it-all 😏; He'd stayed awake,The entire night...Easy enough,When he was up at six pm! For me, it's the only way,To reset the sleep cycle,I know it works for me,Despite accepted principles; β€”Begin the day,At the desired time,Do everything the same,As … Continue reading Losing Signal