Stuck Body, Stuck Mind

So much of my stuck thinking,And lost time, Comes down to, simply,Not being able to get a fresh perspective, β€”Which I used to achieve,By going somewhere else,β€”By walking, cycling,Or riding the scooter; I've become so used,To having none of those,That I've even forgotten that fact; Then it hit me like a train of bricks,As I … Continue reading Stuck Body, Stuck Mind

OCD Physical Injuries

Ugh...This is a weird one,But I'm in need of strength,At this crucial moment; I think it's an aspect of somatic OCD,But one pointless thing I do,Is 'testing' my injuries,Repeatedly... This began with a finger injury,Years ago,When I began working at a company, β€”'Carpal tunnel',In index finger,I couldn't forget it,So I kept 'testing' it; Is it … Continue reading OCD Physical Injuries