An Historical Facepalm

Should I be doing my bit?To chart these events during this pandemic? Are we living through an historically-significant periodΒΉ,One which will be thoroughly scrutinised for the everyday truths? Honestly,There's not much there that I'd care to record,For 90% of what goes on is strawman-building,Strawman-burning,Emotion-inducing,Shit-stirring opprobrium,By the media no less; About 9%Β² is the drama of … Continue reading An Historical Facepalm

Pas Surprise Du Tout!

Pas de surprise,Qu'ils avaient des morts en excΓ©dent,Et une deuxiΓ¨me vague, Pas de surprise du tout,Γ‰tant donnΓ© que le confinement n'a jamais commencΓ©,N'importe oΓΉ dans le pays entier... Mais il y a une abondance de cheveux jaune soufflant dans la brise,Une abondance de l'hyperbole et l'hystΓ©rie dans leurs mΓ©dias,Leurs espirits remplis de l'arguments faux,De l'apathie, … Continue reading Pas Surprise Du Tout!

Tough To Stomach

How to deal,With the fact of,Two housemates so blatantly going against all advice,Going in and out, in and out to friends and with friends, And even before this situation,They'd be so absorbed in their phones,Even whilst walking right past you,Not even acknowledging you, As if proud of their profound detachment; It's scary,Creepy; And I can … Continue reading Tough To Stomach

You Won’t Then You Shan’t…

You don't 'believe' in all this,Coronavirus,You take exception to the,Advice over hand-shaking, You take exception to the,Need for tactically coughing,For you are so used to,Openly and unabashedly sneezing,Without covering,(In your own words),And vehemently within your rights; You take exception to the,Need for and importance of rational thought, You take exception to the,Doing anything even slightly … Continue reading You Won’t Then You Shan’t…