Fourth Literary Dimension?

Should've,Could've,Would've…everybody, ever Yeah, yeah…Would've,Should've,Could've,…But you didn't.everybody's manager I've been searching the ether for additional possibilities to this common expression,(Because I like collections and sets),And discovered a possible fourth oneβ€” Goa'uld've (i.e. aliens have done it); Example usage: Yeah whatever mate…Should've,Could've,Would've,Goa'uld've,…But none of that is of any use to me, is it?β€”So fahck off back to … Continue reading Fourth Literary Dimension?

MySQL Brain

My brain is a relational database,It stores information via common attributes,Enabling reverse look-ups between pieces of information which weren't necessarily causally-related,But related through things likeβ€”Similar-sounding words,Similar emotions experienced whilst exposed to concepts or information,Similar physical environments,In fact the connecting feelings/intuitions (search queries) can be very wide-ranging; It's not great for purposeful, systematic enumeration and recall … Continue reading MySQL Brain

When You Can’t Separate From OCD Obsessions

When you just can't forget that idea,Just can't drop it,One more time,You want to perfect it, Go and lie down,Let your brain detach from everything,Don't even try to meditate,Just do nothing and let your mind go vacant,Too exhausted to do anymore! …Then, after a while,You might realise that the obsession has faded in importance,Then jump … Continue reading When You Can’t Separate From OCD Obsessions


I am overflowing with thoughts,Essays and essays of them,About anything and everything,Viewed from all kinds of angles; A lot of constructive and interesting thoughts,With occasional outlets for them, But I have no control over whenceΒΉ they flow!They are triggered in the moment,Especially through conversation; I have no hope of enumerating my thoughts,Or of what I … Continue reading Surplus

OCD Is The Antithesis Of Good Ideas

Another deep truth,Which I've long felt about myself,β€”Even before having a name for OCD, Is that,All of these intricately, creative yet destructive thoughts,Represent an entirely valid possibility of abstract ideas,And subsequent actions; They represent,Exactly what I wouldn't want to do,With my creative and mental energies; Possible,Yet totally undesirable, And I am somebody who lives for … Continue reading OCD Is The Antithesis Of Good Ideas