Shifting Torments

It has a big effect,Missing taking the Sertraline medication,By even a few hours; It needs to be taken every 24 hours,Or the effects are felt very quickly; I struggle to take it consistently,β€”This is another side-effect of the hoops I have to jump through,To avoid the stressful housemates,And of my erratic sleeping pattern,And ever-shifting circadian … Continue reading Shifting Torments

Monsters Out Of Sight

Anxious thoughts,Anxious thoughts,Obsessive irritability andBody tics, Anxious thoughts,Anxious thoughts,Courageously getting out of it;I'll play a computer game,Then I'll go outside,But the relentless floorboard creaking today,Has finally got to me,It's making me jump,I can't tell what's 'real' and not,Because I'm creeping my way around,Black Mesa Research Facility,I actually want to be on high alert,But then the … Continue reading Monsters Out Of Sight

Tips For People Living With People With Misophonia

None of the below makes any sense or is rational, especially not the strength of emotions! They are of course rarely outwardly expressed to this degreeβ€” it is just how I feel when these things happen! "It is a severe sensitivity to specific soft sounds and visual images. It also includes other forms of stimuli … Continue reading Tips For People Living With People With Misophonia