No Words For These Housing Updates…None At All

Hi Nathan,I went to Launchpad yesterday, and we phoned PIP which took 1 hour on hold. Guess what? They sent a response letter end of August just days after my third and final phone call to check on the status. And yet again…I didn't receive it. That's 3 out of 4 letters from PIP this … Continue reading No Words For These Housing Updates…None At All

My New Housing Crisis

Turns out the council failed to share with me the conclusion to the Homelessness Prevention Assessment they did with me on the phone on 7th July. At the time in my weekly meetings with my Salvation Army Tenancy Support person, in response to questions about it, I mentioned that I hadn't heard anything back from … Continue reading My New Housing Crisis

Moments Of Peace In The Twilight

It's crazy what I've come through,To reach this point now, How this time, last year,I'd just started seeing a community mental health team,Whilst living in my car, And how every day was so up and down,Finding small things,Finding moments of focus and calm; Some days, reaching a limit with stressful mental habits,I was able to … Continue reading Moments Of Peace In The Twilight