Oven Of ’22

Bloody hellIt's hotThe great 'oven' of '22 I won't lieI've always found extreme weather excitingEven though obviously undesirable;I think we all feel that with things like thunderstorms But at least today you can't use the typical British qualifierOf unbearable humidity, making it hotter;The air's dry as a desert; Out of the sun, it's still bearableBut … Continue reading Oven Of ’22

Blinding Spring

Daylight,Why so bright? I got too used,To that lovely soft lighting, Now this blinding light is being forced upon me,And there goes my air conditioning; At least, in Scotland,Summer only lasted 3 months,And began in May;There was no Spring; So whilst you're out there,Enjoying the Summer months,Spare a thought,For those who are constantly too hot. … Continue reading Blinding Spring