This Is What Fascism Looks Like

Our government is demonstrating the early/mid stages of a totalitarian government. That disability benefit which took me years to get, alongside failing those dehumanising Personal Independent Payment assessments, keeping me in poverty and helpless (and most importantly hopeless) but for the financial help of family members? Well, with the government's budget announcement today that benefit … Continue reading This Is What Fascism Looks Like

We Have No Healthcare

I just don't understand how we're not protesting on a large scale here at the moment. Even for the usually-apathetic UK population this is surprising. I think a lot of people buy into the talk of protest having been made illegal last year, and just going along with that as something that's happened now, another … Continue reading We Have No Healthcare

Say Please

Fuck you I can no longer make that runway!I’m going to have to ditch!! RS 1987, please don't be rudeβ€” Alert the coastguard!! …Say please, RS 1987, Please alert the goddamn-motherfucking-coastguard now!!!ARRRRrggggghhhhhh!!!!!!!!!Over and oβ€” ……… …M-my god,I'm s-so glad to see you…th-thank you, thank you!! …What is your name? My name………Is Robin Smith. CAPTAIN ROBIN … Continue reading Say Please


The time of being angry at panic-buyers,I've realised,Is over, The problem is happening,And we need to find solutions; Whilst all the focus has been on isolation,And doing nothing,I do fear that people-in-need may be overlooked; One group we must protect in particular,Are the health-workers,Whom are no doubt (and evidently) so rushed off their feet,That they're … Continue reading Refocusing

To Be Successful?

Isn't it amazing,How deeply it runs, β€”The definition of success,Being how much you've earned? How much of a virtue,Isn't entrepreneurship?To be a self-made person,From rags to riches; It obviously isn't,And never has been,But it runs so deeply that,Even the most well-meaning are infected, It makes for uncomfortable observing,From my high horse,No, only joking,I genuinely find … Continue reading To Be Successful?

…Absence Of Sounds

Do you know what's been most striking to me,Over the last several hours? Relative silence...And a vast absence...of such disturbing noises!Also smells, And do you know what this has helped me with?β€”Anxiety and rumination; And this feeling so reminds me, and takes me back,To that such productive time, β€”The peace which existed from just before … Continue reading …Absence Of Sounds

OCD Physical Injuries

Ugh...This is a weird one,But I'm in need of strength,At this crucial moment; I think it's an aspect of somatic OCD,But one pointless thing I do,Is 'testing' my injuries,Repeatedly... This began with a finger injury,Years ago,When I began working at a company, β€”'Carpal tunnel',In index finger,I couldn't forget it,So I kept 'testing' it; Is it … Continue reading OCD Physical Injuries