Causal Limits And Acceptance

There is hurt,At what I may have missed out on through bad mental health,A secondary trauma, at the time lost through the effects of traumas and mental quirks, A feeling of dread, to think what could have replaced that time,Given the opportunity which existed; But this is the bad mental health itself talking,At the extreme, … Continue reading Causal Limits And Acceptance

The Causes Of The Panic Attacks

This is something,Which still weighs heavily in my heart, For I've described, now,The nature of the panic attacks, But rarely had the chance to explain,What actually caused them. From an early age they began,Through frustrating interactions with my parents; They always started,With some lesser anxiety,β€”Going to bed, when I'm not sleepy,β€”Dog sick on the floor,β€”Dog … Continue reading The Causes Of The Panic Attacks