Could I Sue My Landlord? πŸ€”

The landlord came round today, as they've done many times lately with housemate F moving out (they're always back and forth for a week after anybody leaves), and I happened to notice the camera notifications just after returning to my room and lying down on the bed. Firstly I was uneasy at just how close … Continue reading Could I Sue My Landlord? πŸ€”

Attempted Break-In I immediately uploaded these videos and emailed them to the council, asking for the Samaritans to call or come round. Council assured me Samaritans would call ASAP, although I've had no call yet. I then phoned 101 to report the incident to police and to try to ask for officers to come … Continue reading Attempted Break-In

Some Progress

Typed upfull incident log,Printed outtwo copies,Samaritans chatted to me in my room, Fuck yes, they were really nice,Supportive,Non-dismissive,Marked down'Condition of tenant's room'as'Excellent',"Like being in a spa"they said,"Keep it like this"they said,bathed in lavender;"Are these plants real?","Yes of course they fucking are πŸ˜‚"; Next daypolice called,Went throughthe landlord 'assault' incident in detail, They dismissed all the … Continue reading Some Progress

I Filed A Police Complaint

You better believe I'm speaking up about these things. Here is the text from my formal police complaint which I just filed, after the events from yesterday: "I dialled 999 at 11:30 on Thursday 29th April 2021, when my letting agent along with what sounded like a few other angry and threatening people, unlocked my … Continue reading I Filed A Police Complaint


If I stick to what I know,And who I am,They can't touch that; Evidence is mounting,They incriminate themselves, for free,Whilst more people join with me; I don't know why I'm a drama magnet,But harassment will not stand,I strongly believe in what's right and wrong,Perhaps that's why they feel so wronged. Guess what those 'complaints' were?There … Continue reading Wrong’Uns