Cro没ton’s Got Her Cute On 馃惞

Little Cro没ton is so cuteEe eye ee eye ohWith a sniff-sniff here and a sniff-sniff thereHere a sniffThere a sniffEverywhere a cute sniffLittle Cro没ton is so cuteEe eye ee eye oh! Also I was looking through Happy Hamsters' Instagram and found this older picture of Cro没ton. So she does like certain hoomans! 馃槫 Look … Continue reading Cro没ton’s Got Her Cute On 馃惞

My Hamster Hates Me 馃槩

Cro没ton had some teething issues during the first 10 days after adopting her鈥he started chewing part of the base of the wooden enclosure, which I knew was a possibility beforehand but she was fine for most of the first week. After a few days I emailed Happy Hamsters about it, and also realised that her … Continue reading My Hamster Hates Me 馃槩

La Grande Crouton!

My previous hamster 25 years ago was a male golden Syrian hamster named Stephen. Crouton is a female and she's massive 馃槄. She's a giant fluffy potato. 100% chonky and showing no signs of being 2 years old! She's been exploring everywhere and building an underground fortress. 馃尓

Hamster Enclosure Painting

I've finally finished preparing my hamster enclosure (painting and varnishing it with pet-safe paints). It's really dragged out painfully over many days (12) due to a combination of having to manage OCD alongside鈥 practising ERP to avoid feeding it鈥 and some trial and error and learning about painting wooden furniture. There were also some modifications … Continue reading Hamster Enclosure Painting