To The Universe And Back

Over time,One by one,I became divorced from all my interests; My sense of wonder and pride in the universe,Never waveredβ€” never fear, But, somehow, whilst studying it formally,I lost that feeling,That personal connection; I'm not a details person,And yet I am,A paradox which I still don't understand; Looking through my telescope,At nebulae and planets,Galaxies and … Continue reading To The Universe And Back

More Twisted Spacetimes And Chaotic Thoughts

Get out of bed,And write a poem you old fool; Caught in another black hole,Of deeply-twisted miseries, How to forgive the damages from stress,Before beginning to move forwards? How to forgive the stress lines in my primodial spacetime,The curvatures, the voids,The whirlpools of dark energies; How to forgive the trail of destruction,It's wrought through my … Continue reading More Twisted Spacetimes And Chaotic Thoughts

OCD Guilt

I'm consumed with OCD guilt,About making my life harder unnecessarily,Which holds me back from going forwards,Since these peaceful hours were the most glorious, β€”And I've just wasted loads of them,Argh; But I'm going to have to take a leap,And turn it aroundβ€” It doesn't matter exactly what I do, now,β€”Because it's staying free of rumination,Which … Continue reading OCD Guilt

Looping And In Pain

I've been lying in bed,Stuck in looping mental routines, I actually slept all day,Yesterday,β€”I've not done that before,In my life; But I'd been awake all night,Excited about,The misophonia thing,And learning more about it; β€”Also, simply enjoying,The continuing blessed silence,For I have no idea,How long it'll continue; Ultimately, though,I've barely been outside in months,Since I have … Continue reading Looping And In Pain