Well Well Well…

I am subscribed to newsletters from the Good Law Project and donated a few Β£ to their cause on uncovering this particular shocking piece of corruption…There's no escaping the law, even when you are the law. You can delay and perjure and pervert the course of justice but it catches up eventually. As each day … Continue reading Well Well Well…

‘Guilty’ Is Such A Loaded Term

Minister for schoolsDenies eating live babyOn Breakfast TV The government minister for schools has denied eating a live baby live on BBC Breakfast TV. Live, on Breakfast TVAn actual government ministerHas denied eating an actual live babyLiveOn Breakfast TV; We take accusations of this nature very seriouslyThe matter will be thoroughly investigated internally It is … Continue reading ‘Guilty’ Is Such A Loaded Term

Twelve Parties

Or ten or thirteen depending on who's counting; Stop the count!Stop the cunt; But…but wouldn't they all have to resign!? As they should,And should have done years ago,For the multitudes of examples of exactly the same thing, So don't be fooled, there's nothing remarkable,It is, however, more visible,And fun to see them squirm,(Though also genuinely … Continue reading Twelve Parties

Slather Me Slavers, That’s Not Chocolate!

They can't get enough of it Slathering slavery shite all over their sad subservient gobs!! Slaver: β€œTo smear with saliva issuing from the mouth”Slather: β€œTo spread something thickly on something else; to coat well.” Drinking it up at the voting booths, Ten more years of shite, yes please, Slather, slather, slather,It'll help grow me potatoes, … Continue reading Slather Me Slavers, That’s Not Chocolate!

Critical Thinking Gap

There's a gap there, between scientific advisors and government. Whilst scientists want to remain impartial and merely provide the information to ministers on which they can make ultimate decisions, it results in a tragic discontinuity in thinking. The job of scientists is problem-solving. The very definition of science. Engineers are some of the purest practitioners … Continue reading Critical Thinking Gap