A Broomstick And A Mop

How do I write a poem,About a broomstick and a mop? I don't know,β€”I'm about to find out! For I also had the need,For these two vital things,And as the Daddy in the house,It's fallen unto me, And as a hater of anything plasticky,(Hey,This was before it was cool,To hate plastic and misogyny),Erm,I thought I'd … Continue reading A Broomstick And A Mop

The Ceramic Crockery Scandal

I've always wonderedβ€” Why do we use bowls, plates and mugs,So breakable,Noisy,And wasteful? I can't begin to tell you,How many of these I've broken,Either by accident,Or frustration, Why not, at the least,Just use plastic ones? I dropped my mug, last night,And it hit the desk leg,β€”Well, that's that then,Time to get a new one,He said; … Continue reading The Ceramic Crockery Scandal