Radioisotope Queen

"I've been reading these old-time history books about Queen Elizabeth II's reign, they're fascinating. The mass psychosisβ€”" "Oh yeah, which reign?" "…Which reign?" "Yeahβ€” first or second reign?" "I don't think he knows about second reign…" "Well, after five years of King Charles III, everyone just kind of thoughtβ€” can't we have the Queen back? … Continue reading Radioisotope Queen

Channel The Outrage

Yeah, tell yourself that "But we're the 5th/6th biggest economy!""But you should be lucky to live here, it's really not that bad!""But we're a First-World Western Democwacy!" Aww! πŸ₯Ί Then tell that to the victims of the chronic genocide of the disabled and vulnerableThen tell that to the victims of the exponentially-growing healthcare waiting listsThen … Continue reading Channel The Outrage

Meltdown 3

UltimatePower They said they didn't knowWith what World War Three would be foughtBut World War Four would be fought with sticks and stones How prescient, not to presume; Nuclear-war induced stalemateHad just about kept the peace between the largest nations and alliancesGiven us a twentieth-century golden age We survived thatOnly forA true singularity to come … Continue reading Meltdown 3


Wait for the reportWait for the police investigationWait for the warWait for the local electionWait for the reportWait for the jubileeWait for the vote of no-confidenceWait for the by-electionWait for the second vote of no-confidenceWait for the general electionWait for the monkeypox outbreakWait for the droughtWait for the floodWait for the famine They needed another … Continue reading Meltdown

Waste Not Want Not

Conservationists have issued a dire warningAfter latest studies indicate the Great PPE reef has lost up to 10% of biodiversity over the last 5 years; As use of illegal agricultural pestibots increasesSo-called 'bleaching' events have become more and more commonResulting in large swathes of the PPE bed becoming uninhabitable; Pestibotsβ€” the internationally-outlawed nanobotsAre washed into … Continue reading Waste Not Want Not

Dead Roses

Sepia-tinged fields outside my window,Sun-baked dust eroded and carried aloft,Whirling devils coat grimy, broken glass,Everything washed away with the previous rainfall;Nothing green remains, nothing moves; We only ever wanted,To get through it,We couldn't contemplate the true costs, This scarce, dry world filled with old men and women,With little energy,To do nothing but hang on; We … Continue reading Dead Roses

The Future Past

I've just seen the future endpoint of all human designβ€” It's a human sitting in the exact centre of a perfectly-circular, plain white room,Not an interface or a button in sight,Wirelessly-connected into a global virtual reality,…Where the whole process is begun again,With the 'first' human becoming aware at approximately 200,000 years before the present. The … Continue reading The Future Past

Not Again

The horse clip-clopped along the silent boulevard,Those echoing footsteps, heralding news… Soon the street was lined with an expectant crowd,As the rider unsaddled,Climbed down to the ground, "I'll get right to itβ€”I'm afraid… it's bad news", A murmur spread throughout the crowd,Civility began to disintegrate,As expectancy turned toward desperation,"Surely not! You must be mistaken!?", "He's … Continue reading Not Again