Just In Case OCD

Hmmm, Just In Case OCD,Seems like it should be a type, Similar to Just Right OCD,But to me it's even more destructive,Because at least Just Right refers to something relatively tangible, in my caseβ€” Symmetry of blinking between left eye and right,Aligning some object perfectly in relation to another,Maintaining my own body's yaw angle with … Continue reading Just In Case OCD

A Loose Screw

They say that free energy is impossible,THat perpetual motion machines cannot exist,That time-travel, although theorthetically-maybe-possible, backwards into the past,Would be practically impossible because of the need for a stable space-time wormhole, WELL, Never underestimate the ability of a loose screw,To undergo instantaneous translations across the fabric of two-dimensional space,To gain arbitrary amounts of momentum from … Continue reading A Loose Screw

Salvation From Salivation

Who knew,That salivating could be so captivating? I put a lot of concentration,Into stopping muscular-tensing,But it's often said,That OCD's very creative; And over-salivation requires less concentration,Than abdominal-tensing,β€”For it happens automatically! I can't even salivate on-demand,Usually (obviously),But such is OCD's powerβ€”You need only think the word,β€”When you don't want to,That is; Come on, man,I'm trying to … Continue reading Salvation From Salivation