Escape Is Possible

We are nearly there,And she's being so brave and strong,Finding strength beyond her own expectation; The plan has been ethereal,Shifting, changing, going in and out of focus,But…the one constant remainsβ€”Her determination to leave; She's digging really deep as obstacles arise,As the situation becomes more urgent,But she has strength to match,It's an honour to witness. πŸŒͺ

The Great Loneliness

I'm depressed,Lonely,Anxious,Too restless to sit on my bed and write anything,Because I feel trapped,Claustrophobic,Too hot,TOO HOT!!It makes me want to burst out, And there's a lot to be said for body postureβ€”I've found sitting on a stool to be very freeing, calming, and positivity-inducing;The upright, forwards-facing, upwards and onwards-looking perspective really helps to make use … Continue reading The Great Loneliness

Reaching Out

There is nothing more humbling than hearing the difficulties of others,Than being the person whom somebody else is turning to,Hearing another's tears, as they're experiencing something you've felt, It's shattering, heart-breaking, a helpless feeling, I would go to the ends of the Earth to help somebody out of it,To listen to them talk about it,Anybody; … Continue reading Reaching Out

Tried And True; Thank you! πŸ’™

It's so amazing,To have for the first time, A network of people,Whom are on my side; Regular encouragement,And benefit of a doubt,True emotional acknowledgement,Of all that I've been through; Genuine interest,In what I do,And genuine empathy,For how I am; It's all brand new,In this brave new world, It's all brand new,Yet tried and true. πŸŒͺ