Serotonin Sensitivity!

Yesterday my Salvation Army support person turned up with three presents from a nearby school. I assumed they were boxes of chocolate and was considering just adding them to the donations pile at Tesco because of the fact I'm really sensitive to changing my diet at the moment and wary of anything upsetting the delicate … Continue reading Serotonin Sensitivity!

Base Gravy

No fast track to life,One must first make the base gravy,A recipe old as time; Onion,Garlic,Tomato, ginger,And spice, Not only that,The base is customised; The aroma of one's own base gravy is encouraging; No fast track from start to finish, rather,Base gravy must be simmered slowly,Upon which can be conceived,Many delicious possibilities πŸ˜‹. (I'm not … Continue reading Base Gravy

Sertraline Sensitivity

Okβ€”Regular and precise dosage time,Never changing from the optimum breakfast,Those are my strict requirements,For making use of antidepressants,And to avoid missed-dose syndrome,Which, for me,Sets in so rapidly (just 2 hours over 24 hours); The battle with OCD cannot be won,When the medication is so on-and-off,Medication withdrawals trump everything,But…when it's working,When I've eaten for breakfast the … Continue reading Sertraline Sensitivity

Emergency Yellow Red Lentils!

Lentils (one measure, any amount)β€” IN!Water (two measures)β€” IN!Saltβ€” IN!Pepperβ€” IN! Turmeric (any amount!)β€” IN!Cayenne pepperβ€” IN!Knobβ€”"Who, me!?",β€”Of margarine...IN! Panβ€” ON!Set timer (10 mins)β€” ON! Taste lentilsβ€”"THEY'RE FUCKING RAW",β€”Adjust water,Set timer (5-10 mins)β€” ON! Taste lentils, Bowlβ€” IN!Forkβ€” IN!Mouthβ€” IN!BON APPETITE! πŸŒͺ